Sky Ride Blackpool

August 31, 2011

This was my third Sky Ride of the year and after having gone to Manchester Sky Ride a couple of weeks earlier I didn’t have high expectations.

Sky Ride Blackpool is the first Sky Ride I’ve gone to and come away thinking this is brilliant. It was one of the smallest Sky Rides I’d been on but had one of the biggest selling points. It didn’t seem to be focused on a main event village, where at previous events people would try and consume their own weight in Gatorade, and more importantly not get out on the route.

The route left Stanley Park and took you straight through to the closed-roads of Blackpool. It was a relatively short route, but one that took in some of Blackpool’s most iconic features, the promenade and of course the Blackpool Tower.

Sky Ride Blackpool was the most pleasurable Sky Ride I’ve ever been on! It had encompassed a feeling I felt at my first Sky Ride 2 years ago; the overwhelming feeling of safety. The organisers for Blackpool Sky Ride took a massive risk planning the route, but it payed off. Blackpool didn’t shut down, yes roads were closed, but the park was still open to people going about their day-to-day business, from skating at the BMX track, to families playing cricket. The health and safety wommbles must have had a heart attack when even attempting to fill out their risk assessment forms, but this was the first Sky Ride I’ve been to that had a natural and authentic feel. You could tell you were still in Blackpool, not in one of Rupert Murdoch’s advertisements.

I think next time their planning a Sky Ride, the health and safety wommbles should leave their clipboards, risk-assessment forms, and PR objectives at home and let the city come through. They’ve all seemed a bit to ‘perfect’ recently, and lacking some inspiration. 

Note to Sky Ride:  Let the city come through, let cafe’s do their business. A world food market and Sky Ride, now that’s a beautiful combination. 


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